ball_lav ball_pink Asset 2 Dhoni have 144.78 Strike rate against MI 7 Batting performance of MSD with MI? Question Answer MSD performance with MI? ball_lav ball_pink Asset 2
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Player/Team Stats

Get players/teams statistics or performance report. Recent forms, upcoming matches and complete stats.

Player/Team Timeline

Get complete list of matches played by a player/team. Timeline pagination with mini scorecard.

Player vs Team Stats API

Get players statistics or performance against a team. How about Ashwin bowling performance against Mumbai Indians.

Cricket Performance Plan

Massive collection of Statistics API, the deeper breakdown of player and team statistics. Player vs. Team Performance. Performance & Timeline of Players and Teams.

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  • Based on ICC International Matches from 2012 & IPL, BBL, PSL, CPL, BPL, T20 Matches and more leagues around the world and All Tournaments and Leagues from the coverage of MG100 and MG100B , See Coverage List

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Match API

Match scorecard , Match lineups, Team scores and player stats.

Season API

Tournament (season) start date, end date, squad, venue, fixtures, and squad.

Team Perfomance API

In-depth team statistics & team performance timeline.

Ball by Ball API

Ball commentary, striker, nonstriker, ball speed and bowler information about a particular ball.

Season Points API

Squad, Number of lost matches, Number of won matches, Net run rate, Number of matches played, and the Total match points. Season ScheduleAPI: Fixtures for the given season.

Player Timeline API

The complete list of matches with stats played by a required player.

Over Summary API

Match scorecard , Match lineups, Team scores and player stats.

Season Stats API

Best batsmens, Best bowlers, Fielders, Most dots, Fewest dots, Boundary details, the player who hit fours & six, the player who scored high runs, and the total runs for the given tournament.

Team Timeline API

The list of matches with stats played by a required Team.

Player Stats API

In-depth player stats for T10, T20, ODI & Test formats, and league specific stats.

Season Team API

List of all the squad for the given season.

Match Credit API

AI-generated dynamic player intelligent credit points based on the recent performance stats and historical stats.

Recent Matches API

Recently completed upcoming matches.

Chat Bot API

AI-powered chatbot API which answers topics on player profile, recent matches, player vs. team, team vs. team and live updates.

Match Points API

The Player match points for every match based on the pre-configured rules calculated by Cricket API.

Recent Season API

List of recently completed & upcoming season.

Player Perfomance API

In-depth player statistics & player performance timeline.

Credit Editor

A console to customized the dynamic player credit value any match and for any players.

Schedule API

Details of a cricket calendar for the given month.

Player vs Team Perfomance API

In-depth player statistics against a team

Credit Variation API

API to get the customized credit value of a player for the required match.

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